“Sexuality is an avenue to connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human intimacy. When we experience our sexuality as a sacred and transformative force that can facilitate spiritual evolution, connection and healing, it will be expressed not as a physical act alone, but as a pathway to spiritual awakening, self-discovery and greater fulfillment.”

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, a very challenging and traumatic childhood marked her experience relentlessly guiding her inner quest and awakening. Emerging from a period of destructive behavior, self doubt, sorrow and a confused sense of belonging, Kirsty discovered the path of Yoga, learned Osho Meditations and practiced it for several years.

Through the pulse of having no direction, she found herself heading in many directions to find answers to her questions, to heal traumas and her strained family dynamics. This led her around the world discovering different cultures, communities and a diverse range of Eastern and Western spiritual teachers.


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